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The Art of a Tree Shaping Service in Sanford, FL

Do you ever wonder how some of the interesting trees in Sanford, FL got their shape? It’s an art form called tree shaping and our highly skilled and creative arborists use many artist techniques, such as grafting, pruning, and bending, for instance, to safely shape trees into an original work of art. One of the first things to consider when consulting with a tree shaping service is choosing the tree or trees on your property that will be willing to conform to the desired shape and continue to grow and thrive in your environment.

The roots of tree shaping began in India nearly one thousand years ago when the War Khasi tribe constructed bridges by shaping trees. These bridges are still in existence today. Many famous contemporary artists such as Peter Cook, Richard Reams, and John Krubsack among others have taken this art to a whole new level by introducing trees with shapes such as the peace symbol, for example. Tree shaping has also been referred to as "grownup furniture", "arbor-sculpture", and "Pooktre".

At Tucker’s Tree & Bobcat Service, the most interesting aspect of our tree shaping service serving Sanford, FL is the interesting designs we are able to create. In the past, most trees were shaped as bridges, archways, tunnels, and even as homes to serve people and the community in general. But as tree shaping grew in popularity tree artists have been pushing the envelope and creating more aesthetically pleasing and sophisticated modern designs like frames, cubes and letters of the alphabet, to name a few.

In addition to tree shaping, we also provide tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding and other tree services to residential and business customers throughout the Sanford, FL area. And with our regular tree maintenance service you will have peace of mind knowing that all of the trees on your property are being well cared for so they will be able to continue to flourish while enhancing the appearance of your home or business. We also offer a 24-hour service for tree related emergencies.

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