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Why Every Deltona Property Owner Needs a Professional Tree Maintenance Service

Trees are beautiful, naturally relaxing and tranquil creatures. Aside from making a landscape look amazing, they provide us with precious oxygen. However, the beautiful and majestic trees that are part of the Deltona landscape can sometimes become problematic to residential and commercial property owners if not properly serviced. They can often become unstable and eventually fall over; thus, causing property damage and unnecessarily risking the life of anyone in its path. In fact, recently several children were hospitalized after a 75-foot tree fell on them while visiting a children’s museum. 

This is why our professional tree maintenance service is so important for Deltona property owners. Not only are we trained arborists, but we have the heavy equipment needed to safely reach the tall branches. All of the services that we offer from pruning and trimming to shaping and cutting are designed to prolong the life of your trees and help them look their best while minimizing the risk of tree falls. Also, if a tall tree is too close to your home or building, we have the proper equipment to safely remove it piece by piece.

Similar to gardens and flowers, the trees around your home or business need special care and attention. Unfortunately, they sometimes become infected by diseases, parasites and other health problems that require it to be cut and removed for safety reasons. By the way, while pruning and trimming, we only use collar cuts to help prevent disease and rotting in the first place.

Some of the many professional tree maintenance services we provide in Deltona include palm tree care, tree installation, tree landscaping, hurricane preparation and stump removal, to name a few.

For a safer and more aesthetically pleasing property, we recommend having your trees inspected at least once a year by our certified arborist. Contact us at 386-804-0370 for a free estimate today!